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Welcome to Lightup Foundation

Lightup Foundation is a charity organisation of International remit. 

We simply target community projects that make a genuine difference to the lives of local people.
Our projects are dedicated to strengthening local communities, creating opportunities and tackling issues of disadvantage and exclusion.

Lightup team has been working actively to inspire and empower young people in the U K and across other nations for example France, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic and Cameroun, to take actions that create positive change and real impact in their communities. By providing a range of tailored support including counselling, training, mentoring and other useful activities that will help increase their skills. We believe in giving back and we encourage the act of volunteerism.

We are always working:

     • To empower young people to be instruments in the delivery of community development aid, not just the beneficiaries of it;

     • To support and enable young people successfully to complete simple development projects with  peer/community support.

     • To promote stronger bonds within communities where inclusive relationships build trust and mutual support and create communities in which everyone is valued. thereby preventing fear, mistrust and social breakdown.


Lightup Scotland:

We recently completed the   first round of COMMUNITY YOUTH MENTORING AND TRAINING CHAT in Aberdeen.

 We received funding to work with 60 young people but we had the opportunity to work with 104 young people (49 girls and 55 boys). We can confidently say that 83 young people fully benefitted from the training chat, Beneficiaries  acquired  problem solving, goal setting and mind focusing skills. Unfortunately we had a very brief discussion with 21 remaining beneficiaries due to their unsettled disposition.

Due to the need we have identified while executing the project , we are currently looking at the possibilities of commencing a second round of this same project in Aberdeen. 

Lightup Bag Of Hope Project

Young people in Scotland and Uganda were involved in the decoration of the BOH in 2016, the exercise will continue this year and it will extend to many other countires across the world. 

We continue to promote the UN Rights of the child and encourage support for the children in need. 

WdedeYYTScotland YY 

Congratulations to Lightup team for making the "The Largest Canvas Bag in the world" tagged Bag Of Hope (BOH)

The BOH was made in Nigeria on the 1st of November 2015. It was adjudicated by the Guinness World Record on the 24th of November 2015.

The second phase of the BOH Project has just began. For more information please


Lightup Scotland. We have been speaking with young people in Aberdeen and our plan is to extend our motivational training and counselling to Aberdeen this year.  

Lightup is presently carring out motivational trainings and counselling in Croydon, Lewisham and Newham


Lightup Foundation Plans to rehabilitate Chibok Girls on Arrival 

The recent abduction of over 200 Chibok girls has left us and other organisations and communities unbearably sad.    Lightup Foundation strongly condemns this wicked act perpetrated by boko haram. There is no excuse whatsoever for criminal activities and all perpetrators of criminal activities must face the consequences of their actions.

Our plan is to send in a team of Psychiatrists from the United Kingdom into Nigeria as soon as the Chibok girls are found. we intend to offer the girls Trauma Focussed Therapy. If possible we will also be interested in training a team of Nigerian doctors to continue to offer this service to the girls while the UK doctors are away.  

We therefore wish to use this medium to invite interested Psychiatrist doctors in the UK and Nigeria who are available and willing to volunteer their service to the girls to contact Lightup via


Lightup releases 2 Youth Heritage magazines for 2 boroughs within London.

First Youth Heritage Magazine for Croydon finally out !

Click here to view the Croydon version.

First Youth Heritage Magazine for Haringey also out.

Click here  to view the Haringey version.

We have recently released documentary dvd s for Croydon High street and Tottenham High road.



Please click here  to read the Young Heritage Ambassadors Project report

Link to Haringey Independent newspaper’s press release



 Ligtup Foundation is now a Nominating Agency for the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme.

We are now registered on the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s Electronic Application System (EAS) as Agency. 

 We are WWe arPlease find out more details using the 


    Heritage Project Partner




Nominating Agency
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